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Mahathi Infra Pvt. Ltd. is guided by the fundamental philosophy of excellence in every aspect of its operations, right from the initial stages of planning to the final execution of projects. Our benchmark projects exemplify our commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes across Oil & Gas, Shipping & Marine, Power, Energy and Infrastructure sectors. With a remarkable track record of consistent efficiency, Mahathi Infra has a strong presence in India, Africa and South East Asia.
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Oil & Gas

Expert EPC solutions for Oil & Gas infrastructure

Mahathi Infra offers end-to-end EPC solutions to address the needs of oil & gas infrastructure. Our comprehensive approach ensures responsible resolution of most pressing challenges of the industry. Our efforts are aimed at enhancing project viability and facilitate successful implementation.

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Shipping & Marine

Advanced manufacturing support for Marine works

Our expertise extends from concept to construction of marine works, ensuring efficient and reliable operations. We offer end to end EPC services for shipping projects and all our constructions adhere to the standards set by the Indian registry of shipping.

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Petrochemical & Processing Plant

Innovative solutions for petrochemical and processing plants

Mahathi Infra Pvt. Ltd excels in delivering sustainable, high-performance petrochemical and processing plants. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience help them develop innovative designs to seamlessly optimise operations.

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Nuclear Energy

EPC excellence in nuclear energy

As part of core competencies, Mahathi Infra has extensive expertise in engineering and construction within nuclear power plants. From designing to executing intricate construction, we adhere to industry-leading practices and ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation of nuclear power plants.

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Paper & Process

High-quality paper production

Mahathi Infra specialises in high quality paper manufacturing and process control. We maintain stringent quality control and integrate eco-friendly practices throughout the production cycle, ensuring consistency in product excellence. The state-of-the art plant deploys advanced technology for the production of a variety of superior papers.

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Green Energy

Sustainable clean energy solutions

As clean energy systems emerge as the best alternative to conventional energy projects, Mahathi is dedicated to environmental impact. Our team of certified engineers and energy efficiency consultants offer expert solutions for designing renewable projects. We specialise in wind, solar and hybrid power plans, ensuring reduced carbon emissions and drive clean energy initiatives forward.

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What sets us apart?

We bring the best of end-to-end services from project conception to execution of innovative and cost-effective engineering services that meet the growing requirements of storage and logistics infrastructure.

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Why should you choose us?

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