Industries We Serve

Mahathi Infra Services Pvt. Ltd. team strengthens clients operations by providing design support at a strategic level and give shapes to their dreams while abiding by standards of construction. The experienced engineers of the company work closely with clients to design the structures conforming to international norms while they are aided by the best and internationally accepted software technologies in the relevant field. The design engineers earnestly analyse all aspects to ensure that the outcome of these services is as expected.


Oil and Gas

No matter what your requirements are in the realm of Oil & Gas Pipelines, the full-fledged solutions of Mahathi Infra Services Pvt. Ltd. will help you solve biggest challenges responsibly. An integrated approach to tackling designing of projects, general or complex, is ensured by being holistic and deep understanding of integrity dynamics.

Using up-to-date and recognised technologies and applications that are universally recognised for their usefulness in the applicable segment, the experienced engineers design for industries related to Oil & Gas Pipelines. In essence, the company's efforts bring forth a substantially significant impact on project's viability and successful implementation.

Power Plants

Through an excellent track record of providing Manufacturing support, Mahathi Infra Services Pvt. Ltd. is at the forefront of giving shape to modern Power Plants. The services include Design, Supply, Manufacture, Erect and Commission the various power needs of our customers globally.

At the heart of company's approach is the team's diversified experience and relentless focus on providing research, innovation, expertise, and guidance to clients. The engineers solemnly attend to all aspects of the project to better manage the risks and opportunities as well as ensure that the process to the final implementation is flawless.

Petrochemical & Processing Plants

Mahathi Infra Services Pvt. Ltd. can provide sustainable, high-performance Petrochemical & Processing Plants. Backed by considerable knowledge and ample experience in meeting the diverse needs of Petrochemical & Processing Plants, the company's team creates transformational designs that ensure smooth operations.

Not stopping at that, it works closely with clients to render higher quality, smarter solutions, efficiently and more cost-effectively. Thus the talented team of professional engineers can seamlessly provide design assistance - in both public and private sectors, throughout India and all over the globe - with short lead times and expected returns on investment.

Renewble Energy

Clean renewable energy systems are increasingly emerging as the best alternative to conventional energy projects. If your company too is focused on contributing to world's clean energy future, then trust the proficient skills of Certified Engineers and Energy Efficiency Consultants who strengthen the capabilities of Mahathi Infra Services Pvt. Ltd.

Centered on making a difference environmentally, the team provides a variety of solutions to design small or large scale renewable energy projects that reduce carbon and green house gas emissions and help in protecting the environment. The comprehensive design plan optimizes opportunities while raising the cost effectiveness of renewable energy projects. Mahathi Infra Services Private Limited has the ability to provide solutions regarding Wind, Solar and Hybrid Power Plants with end-to-end connectivity and efficiency.


Mahathi Infra Services Pvt. Ltd. takes immense pride in offering complete infrastructure solutions globally. The specialized team with years of experience can take care of every aspect of your infrastructure project requirements, from initial design through to timely implementation, while combining innovative ideas and today's technology.

With a reputation for reliability and creative problem solving, the company's approach to infrastructure project design services focuses on improving efficiency, increasing effectiveness and minimizing costs. With significant and varied experience over a broad range of infrastructural projects, the integrated solutions from concepts to design are delivered across the full range of industry sectors.